8 Tests You Can Run Using the Best Industrial CT Scanning Inspection Services

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Using the latest 3D laser scanning services and computed tomography scanning, it’s now possible to get highly detailed 3D images and CAD files of the most complex parts, components, and machines. But most engineers still aren’t aware of the many diverse reasons firms invest in custom industrial CT scanning inspection services.
The best industrial CT scanning inspection services go far beyond simply providing a CAD file or 3D image for you to review. Instead, using sophisticated cone beam CT imaging and industrial 3D scanners, the best industrial inspection firms can offer a variety of quality assurance, reverse engineering, and analysis services.
So what types of analysis can you receive when you invest in industrial CT scanning and similar forms of inspection services?

  • Porosity Analysis
  • Part to CAD Comparisons
  • Part to Part Comparisons
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Failure Analysis
  • Wall Thickness Testing
  • Composite Analysis
  • Custom Inspection Services

Using the most sophisticated cone beam imaging or 3D scanning, you can receive an incredibly detailed 3D image and/or cross section of your items, and even look within the walls and materials that form that item. Those images can be compared to other parts as part of quality assurance efforts, or compared with pre-existing CAD files.
Not only that, but you can analyze the porosity and density of your parts, and even analyze composites down to the individual fibers within it. No other inspection service will provide such a detailed level of information.
Whether you’re evaluating various reverse engineering companies or looking to perform a discrete failure analysis on one of your own items, then industrial CT scanning inspection services can offer a wide range of analyses options for you to choose from. Just remember, the best industrial CT scanning companies can also provide a full range of 3D scanning services as well, giving you a massive amount of actionable data.
These services are growing in popularity in a number of diverse fields, from groundbreaking aerospace firms to archaeologists looking to analyze precious artifacts.

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